Trick or Treat, who said treats have to be sweets!

One little word can send ghostly shivers down our spines here at Clarity Dental Care… Halloween! It’s the opening of “treat season”, followed closely by end of year school parties, Christmas advent calendars and candy canes.

This doesn’t mean you must miss out on all the fun of celebrating ghosts and ghouls crossing over to the living. We love dressing up and celebrating as much as the neighbours but put a little spin on it to try and avoid the sugar hangover for our bellies and teeth.

You can be the talk of the town with some of our tricks and treats that have had 100% success in the past!

· Go trick or treating after a hearty and healthy afternoon snack, you don’t want to scare off everyone with your tummy rumbling like thunder. That’s for your costume to do!
· Brush your teeth before you go out with a fluoridated toothpaste
· Try to avoid hard and sticky candy’s and lollypops that take time to dissolve, as the longer they stay in the mouth the more time your teeth are exposed to sugars and acids.
· Mix up some spooky stickers, creepy crawly toys, bubble wands, popcorn bags, sealed toothbrushes into your treat basket (all from the local discount store). I promise these will be the first to go when the little witches, zombies, vampires and pirates come to visit.
· Dress up some bananas and mandarins with googly eyes and draw some sharp teeth on with a black marker
· Try to limit sweet treats to after a main meal not as a snack
· Vampires, werewolves, witches and ghouls big and small all Floss those fangs and brush their teeth at least twice a day

So remember to still enjoy your day while keeping the sugar cavities away!

Skye Greenhill
Senior Dental Therapist